We are Lomograpika Design Studio and we love working with fun and creative people!

A contemporary and collaborative design creatives based in the Philippines who specializes in web design and development, graphic and logo design, information graphics, illustrations, branding, SEO and photography.

Lomograpika Design Studio is composed of:

Rickson Chew
A hobbyist photographer who loves to shoot rays of light with a mixture of strong and vivid colors... while listening to music.

A creative director, graphic artist, web designer/programmer, software engineer and IT consultant by profession still, he finds time to bring out his gears and take pictures of the busy streets in Manila.
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Sara Garces
Villain by birth, wily by nature, a college lecturer by profession, grammar nazi by habit, an artist by skill and a blogger by choice. In addition to teaching, I handle people and projects, write, read a lot, design and paint faces.
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We are currently updating our portfolio. If you want to be a part of it, please send your love to inquiry[at]lomograpika[dot]com
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